New Jersey to start selling recreational marijuana on April 21

April. 1,2022 — Cheap Jersey Wholesale will begin selling recreational marijuana for ages 21 and older on April 21.

Gov. Phil Murphy made the announcement Thursday, just days after state regulators allowed seven facilities that already sell medical marijuana to start selling recreational marijuana, including 13 retail dispensaries .

“This is a historic step for us. Working hard to create a new cannabis industry,” Murphy tweeted.

In 2020, voters approved a ballot question allowing recreational marijuana use by those 21 and older. Last year, the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission became operational.

According to the Associated Press, 17 other states, as well as the District of Columbia, have now legalized recreational marijuana. Cheap Jersey Wholesale also legalized medical marijuana in 37 states.

Recreational sales of wholesale cheap jerseys will begin this spring before New York and are not expected to begin until the end of the year.

Of the seven facilities, also known as alternative treatment centers, three are in the northern state, three are in the south, and one is in the central region.

For approval, the facility has agreed that recreational sales will not interfere with the use of medical marijuana patients. These centers will reserve parking spaces for patients and reserve time specifically for patients.

Cheap Jersey Wholesale has approximately 130,000 medical marijuana patients, an estimated 800,000 potential recreational consumers and approximately 800,000 “tourist” consumers.

The seven facilities are also required to meet “social equity standards,” such as providing technical know-how to new cannabis businesses that want to enter the market. The statute is designed to help social equity applicants located in less economically advantageous areas of the state.

State legislation also mandates a 6.625% sales tax, with 70% of the proceeds going to disproportionately affected areas through marijuana-related arrests. Towns can also levy a tax of up to 2% on sales.

“We remain committed to social justice,” Dianna Houeno, chair of the oversight committee, said in a statement.

“We are committed to building this market on the pillars of social equity and safety,” she said. “Ultimately, we want to see businesses and workforces that reflect the diversity of the state and local communities positively impacted by this emerging industry.”

On the Cannabis Regulatory Commission website, people can find dispensaries, apply for licenses And find information about upcoming committee meetings.