Contraceptive sponge returns

March 6, 2003 — The contraceptive sponge – famously depicted in the episode Seinfeld – has returned, at least on the Internet.

Allendale Pharmaceuticals, which purchased the rights to Today Sponge from its previous manufacturer, has begun selling the drug on two Canadian websites. product. It will also be available in stores across Canada soon, according to published reports.

The company reportedly expects FDA approval to re-launch the sponge in the US within a year.

The sponge made its debut in 1983 and became a popular contraceptive method for women. But when the FDA discovered bacterial contamination and other equipment problems at the previous manufacturer’s wholesale production plant for cheap jerseys, the company decided to stop sales to avoid the cost of upgrading the facility.

An FDA ‘talk paper’ says only manufacturing conditions — not sponge safety and efficacy — are objectionable of.

Sponges help prevent pregnancy by covering the cervix. It also contains a long-acting spermicide.